Sunday, 31 March 2013

Instagram March snapshots

1.Doing some photography in an abandoned army base 2. Me & the boyfriend got some of our favorite American treats 3. Constantly having Chai Lattes from Starbucks 4. Getting cuddles from Pumpkin 5. Dyed my hair dark brown 6. In love with sweet fruity ciders

Hope you all enjoyed!
Love x

Recent Purchases- Primark & Zara

Had the chance to do a little bit of retail therapy over the weekend. Ended up picking up a few things from Primark and Zara which i thought i would share with you!

Primark No.1
Bodycon Dress £10

Primark No.2
Sheer Floral top

Primark No.3
Mint Bobble Top

Zara No.1
Neon Yellow Knit Jumper

Feel like my wardrobe finally has some Spring additions.
Let me know what your new Spring additions are.
Love x